Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Fruits of Being a Teacher.

Fruits of Being a Teacher.
Story-line for the Fruits of Being a Teacher.

I am a teacher, more than that I am an improviser and wish to see my students reach positions they can achieve with their skill set. I started my career by stepping into the education industry when I was offered a job at a nearby local private institute named Sai Classes in 2007 and had worked there as a Math teacher for many different grades, a year later felt like stepping above in the streamline of Professional Teaching and thus was offered to give my best at Nayak Tutorials as a supervisor and an examiner.

After working at 2 Institutions and getting a taste of the curry, I felt more keen towards applying for a certified Degree in Education thus the enrollment and clearance of B.Ed which led to me to teaching in Ideal Education (i.e. Ideal 21st Century) and taught Math as a major subject up till the 10th Year. My Life took an actual turn when I was selected to work for Tata Interactive Systems as a content reviewer for a span of 6 months, and up till this point I have never felt like backing out which pushed me to work as an Editor at Studio24 Digital LLP and pursuing Online Teaching or thus now renown as e-Learning.

My journey in e-learning started with WizIQ. While learning about online teaching and learning I received a chance to participate in “WizIQ Edtech.Now – A premier Education Technology Conclave” which helped me broadened my views about online teaching and learning. I was congratulated with the certificate for “Instructional Design: A Critical Skill for Educators & Trainers” and following this in my life I also received a certificate of “Teaching with Moodle” by Moodle HQ. Further I received one more certificate for “Learn Physics through Simple Experiments” by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I also received certificate of “EFL Talks 10 in 10 for you” from EFL Magazine.
After receiving these appreciations, there was self-confidence in making the e-Learning process a bit easier and feasible. Meanwhile, I had “The First Language Project of The Pedagogy Wheel” on the website of Designing Outcomes: In Support of Excellence. I felt proud that I was handed with the golden chance to translate the complete Pedagogy Wheel in my national language Hindi, (the National language of my country India.) Furthermore I received positive responses from many teachers and educators and proceeded to translate into some more languages. With the encouraging and positive support of all the members of our Team India, today we are able to translate this project in many other national languages.

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